IEEE VIS 2021 Panel: What is the Role of VIS in Combating COVID-19?


Visualization and visual analytics (VIS) plays an important role in combating COVID-19. We can clearly observe this fact in the charts and graphs for public consumption in the media, and can also identify various visual analytics techniques that have been developed for domain experts in their analysis and modeling of COVID-19 data. In this panel, we ask four researchers - "What is the Role of VIS in Combating COVID-19?". Our panelists will cover a number of topics including developing VIS techniques and systems, conducting empirical studies, and deploying VIS for public health surveillance and intervention planning. The panelists will discuss a range of questions, reflecting on the recent and ongoing work by VIS colleagues and examining challenges in deploying a wide range of VIS techniques in emergency responses.

In this panel, we ask four panelists to reflect on the question "What is the Role of VIS in Combating COVID-19?" based on their observation and experience. Our objectives are:

Why This Panel at IEEE VIS 2021?

While combating COVID-19 is no doubt an important application of VIS, one may wonder how VIS research in other areas of VIS may play a direct role in combating COVID-19. The four panelists will show that all six areas of VIS research indeed have a direct role to play. To prompt the panel discussion, we ask panelists to consider following questions:

Above are just some of the questions for our panel to engage with the audience. It is important that we review the current role of VIS in combating COVID-19 and what lessons that can be learnt, in order for us to prepare the VIS discipline better for future emergency responses.


Organizer & Contact

Alfie Abdul-Rahman

Alfie Abdul-Rahman

King's College London

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