IEEE VIS 2019 Panel: Top Research Questions for Empirical Studies in Visualization


Empirical studies are an indispensable component in visualization as they allow us to not only understand the interactions between humans and computers, but they also enable us to evaluate and confirm our results and experiments.

In this panel, we ask five researchers – “What are the top research questions for empirical studies in visualization?” Our panelists will cover a range of topics including:

Panel: Wednesday, October 23: 14:20-15:50 @ Room 8+15

Video Preview

Schedule: Wednesday, October 23: 14:20-15:50 @ Room 8+15

14:20Introduction5 mins
14:25Brian Fisher & Q&A8 mins
14:33Petra Isenberg & Q&A8 mins
14:41David H. Laidlaw & Q&A8 mins
14:49Melanie Tory & Q&A8 mins
14:57Daniel Weiskopf & Q&A8 mins
15:05Audience Participation33 mins
15:38Panelists' Final Remark10 mins
15:48Closing2 mins

Organizer & Contact

Alfie Abdul-Rahman

Alfie Abdul-Rahman

alfie.abdulrahman (at)